5 Good Things in Lappish Summer

Before moving to Lapland even Finns asked me, ‘ Are you not afraid of the cold weather over there? ‘ Although we’ve been living in Rovaniemi only for three months now, I already managed to discover the good side of the chilly Lappish summer. Actually I find it kind of deliberating. Believe me, hot summer is […]

White Nights, Magical Nights

When it comes to Finland, people only talk about winter, snow, how cold the weather is and maybe about the northern lights. I don't understand why they never mention the summer of Finland? Even though it's cooler and shorter than what we are usually used to, it's still fascinating. Especially here in Lapland where the sun […]

My Lapland Bucket List

Since we decided to move to Lapland I've been asked many times with a shocked facial expression: "But what will you do in Rovaniemi?!" Well, I think there are plenty of things to do in Rovaniemi and in Lapland. I already made a list about those things that I am now interested in. 

Finns at the Bus Stop

One of the many things I like in Finland is, that people respect your privacy. When you meet strangers here, you don’t have to worry about those awkward small-talks or silly situations you can easily find yourself in, if you are in other countries.