Finnish for Beginners

Finnish for beginners who want to learn Finnish language online. One of the best ways of learning Finnish is through Internet. Here you can find a collection of links about Finnish for dummies. Helps you to take the first steps. Good luck!

I hope that this collection will be useful for all the fellow foreigners who wants to learn Finnish language online. I keep this page up to date. If you know a webpage or anything that could be useful for beginner Finnish language learners please send me a message so I can share it on my blog.

Websites In English for Learning Finnish

The Finnish Teacher

Random Finnish Lesson

Tavataan taas!

Uusi kielemme


Oneness City, Finland

Partitiivi verbit flash cards

Finnish Verb Conjugator Conjugates Verbs


Opi suomea netistä


YLE Easyfinnish course (videos)

Suomea, ole hyvä!

Ymärrä suomea!

Vocabulary trainer

Iso suomen kieloppi


Hyvin menee lisäharjoituksia

Finnish Grammar Exercises

Perunakellari (exercises)


YKI Test

YKItreenit (Yleisradio)

YKI demo


Let’s Finnish this | Me vs. the YKI test (Blog)


Finland In The News

Selkouutiset (News in easy Finnish with audio)

Finnish Radio Stations

Finnish Newspapers Online


Online Dictionaries

Urbaani Sanakirja

Ilmainen sanakirja

Langtolang Multilingual Dictionary