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5 Good Things in Lappish Summer

Before moving to Lapland even Finns asked me, ‘Are you not afraid of the cold weather over there?’. Although we’ve been living in Rovaniemi only for three months now, I already managed to discover the good side of the chilly Lappish summer. Actually, I find it kind of liberating. Believe me, the hot summer is just so overrated! 

1. No Distraction During the Summer Exam Period

In many countries simply going to school is torture in May and June because of the summary and often hot weather. Let alone studying for the exams at the uni! You have to be very determined not to get lured by the balmy nights, the garden parties and the refreshing beaches. Well, here May is more like the end of winter and June is only spring. No tempting beaches, no heat waves, no summer feeling! Only refreshing 10-15 degrees, which ensures perfect conditions for studying. Another good thing is, that thanks to the approaching midnight sun period, days are so long. You need less sleep, it’s easier to jump out of the bed. You can fully dedicate yourself to your studies from early morning till late at night.

View of river Kemijoki in May. There's still some ice on it

View of river Kemijoki in May. There’s still some ice on it

2. Epilation is Not a Must Anymore

Epilating regularly and having smooth skin is not a burning issue here. You don’t care about that. Not just because of the fact, that you don’t really wear skirts or shorts. Simply because you wear long trousers or jeans almost the whole year and that’s why your legs are not really hairy anymore. Lack of sunshine and UV also do their magic.

3. No “Bikini Body” Pressure

No more desperate diets, no more worries about the latest bikini trends. During those rare moments you spend at the beach, nobody cares about your shape or your bikini. People are simply happy that they can enjoy the sunshine and they mind their own business. Instead of browsing beach accessories, you find yourself wondering whether your bikini goes well with your winter cap? Simply because you spend more time with ice swimming than with sunbathing.

4. No More Closet Organizing

Closet organizing is always a painful and time-consuming process. No one likes to do that. Good news is, that if you live in Lapland, you don’t have to spend your time sorting your clothes at the end of every season. You don’t really have seasonal clothes. You only have clothes what you wear in Lapland and just a few what you use during your short winter holiday in The Canary Islands or Thailand. The number of the latest is very limited, so you don’t need to organize anything just because of that.

5. Extended Knitting Time

Knitting is an extremely popular hobby in Finland, it helps to survive those long, dark winter days. If you live in Lapland, you can master your knitting faster because you are not distracted from your hobby by countless outdoor activities. You can be sure, that this chilly and often cloudy Lappish summer always will provide you days when sitting under a warm blanket and knitting will seem like the best idea. Don’t be afraid of starting to knit a new scarf in May or June. With a bit of luck, you will even have the chance to try it before autumn arrives!

Knitting a scarf is always a good idea

Knitting a scarf is always a good idea

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