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In the Shop

In the shop where we usually do the shopping they fool customers with sticker collecting promotion. If you collect certain number of stickers, you can get a mug. Since we do there the shopping every day and the mug is not crappy either, then we  also collect the stickers. 

While putting the goods on the conveyor belt today, I can see a scrawny man behind me out of the corner of my eye. He places there a 12-pack of beer. Buys nothing else. I smile, it happens quite often in this neighborhood. It’s my turn, I pay and ask for my stickers. I already am packing when the guy suddenly turns to me and hands over the stickers what he just got. He doesn’t collect them. Drinks the beer from the can.

With my bright Finnish knowledge I say thanks to him (Kiitos) and smile at him very kindly. I appreciate the gesture. I really do. The guy speaks to me and I can see that he is that room-alcoholic kind of person. That type who drinks the daily dose at home and then goes to bed and sleeps without picking a fight.

I quickly throw the stuff to the shopping bag and take off. I wouldn’t like to make him disappointed with letting him realize that I don’t understand even a word from what he said. He was so happy that he could give.

On my way home suddenly I burst with laugh. Who said that Finns are too reserved?!

Oszd meg, ha tetszik:

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