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The Mistery of Snow-covered Bikes

At that time when I knew Finland only through the Internet, I often saw pictures of snow-covered bikes. Only after I moved here I was able to solve the mystery of this phenomenon. 

Looking at those pictures I’ve never understood how Finns could be so messy? Why do they just toss those bikes to the streets and to the yards at the end of autumn? Why do they let them abandoned for the winter? Don’t those bikes get rusty? Do Finns buy a new bicycle every spring? Such a rich country!

During my first winter in Finland, one day I realized that those are not forgotten bikes out there. They can get covered by snow because Finns do merrily ride a bike even during the long winter period! This story just came to my mind today when I passed by a school and I could see bikes in a bicycle parking lot in front of the building.

I was walking to the city and I could hardly balance on the sidewalk, because the asphalt was very icy and slippery under the snow. While I was struggling I could see a beautiful, blonde girl flitting by me on a pink bicycle. She didn’t even wear a cap. Looked like a refreshing spring breeze blowing through a meadow. Well, I still have a lot to learn here!

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